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Discovery Tasting

Your first steps into discovering Burgundy and its wines' diversity...

Through the tasting of 5 wines of different appellations, different producers, you will have a guided approach to Burgundy’s variety and complexity. 

We give you explanations and “keys” to start your discovery. This formula is a perfect introduction to your stay in Burgundy, before diving into the beautiful landscapes, vineyards and villages of Burgundy. 

  • Duration : 1h30 approx.
  • Tasting of 5 wines
  • 2 to 9 persons : 30€/person
  • 10% discount from 10 persons.

Introduction to Burgundy

Culture, History, Terroirs, Appellations…

Understand Burgundy and its wines through an in-depth approach via history, geology, viticulture, climate… Approach the different vineyards areas and their characteristics. 

  • Duration : 2h30
  • 5 wines tasting
  • 2 to 3 persons : 95€/person
  • 4 persons and more : 85€/person
  • Group: Please ask us for details

Sensorial analysis

Introduction to wine tasting through the sensorial analysis approach.

With a step-by-step analysis, you will be able to appreciate savors and textures of a wine so that you can make your own conclusion about the intrinsequal quality of a wine.

The roots of your discovery of wine world…Les racines de votre découverte du monde des vins.

  • Duration : 2h00
  • 5 wines tasting
  • 2 to 3 persons : 85€/person
  • 4 persons and more : 75€/person
  • Group : please ask us for detail.

Principles of Food and Wine Pairings

Approaching food & wine pairing through the sensorial approach.

We may not be an expert in wine, but we all are fine connoisseurs of our owwn palate…

This course is specifically designed by a professor in Wines has the goal lead you to the confidence in your senses for understanding characteristics and principles of pairing.

  • Duration : 3h00
  • 5 wines tasting & food
  • 2 to 9 persons : 110€/person
  • Group : please ask us for detail

Tailor made courses

Ces formations sur mesure peuvent s’adressent à un public professionnel international et à des groupes d’amateurs.

Découverte des vignobles, dégustations à thème, thématique de cours personnalisée…
Nous pouvons vous proposer des formations sur mesure en fonction de vos attentes, connaissances et experiences. N’hésitez pas à nous faire votre demande et nous enverrons une proposition en adéquation.

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